As I look back on 2017, I can’t help but reflect that it’s been an unusual year full of intense emotions with many ups and downs.

I’m especially heartbroken that very special friends have passed, but grateful that I had the opportunity of having them in my life. I’m grateful for my close friends and new friends that have come into my life to bring new perspectives while sharing our dreams.

It’s been unimaginable seeing family and friends in Puerto Rico going through so many difficulties after hurricane Maria, but I’m grateful that they didn’t suffer substantial damages to their homes, that they are healthy and that I’m able to support them despite the distance.

I’m grateful for my loving and supportive husband, who embraces my crazy and wants to live a life full of love and adventures with me.

I’m grateful for my parents that love me unconditionally and have supported my passion for the arts and my decision to pursuit a career that allows me to live a creative life every day.

I’m grateful that I found jewelry design shortly after moving to California and that I get to design architectural modern jewelry for confident women who celebrate being uniquely them. How awesome it is to see them rocking their pieces in their own unique way!

I’m grateful for my community of women entrepreneurs who day in and day out support me and guide me in growing my business. They teach me to be persistent, consistent and continue doing what I love to reach my goals.

Thank you for joining me on this journey and supporting me along the way. That’s the best encouragement that I can receive as an artist…knowing that my art has a purpose and that it makes a difference in people’s lives.

Life is short. Be who you want to be and live the live you want to live, Today.

Enjoy this holiday season surrounded by family and friends and remember those that brought so much joy to your life and are no longer with us.

Lots of love to you and your family,


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