Hola! I’m Cielomar Cuevas, the founder and designer of Cielomar Jewelry. I design modern architectural jewelry for confident women who celebrate their individuality everyday. My designs have a bold minimalist aesthetic inspired by architecture, the places I travel and the women out there rocking their style.

Are you someone with a unique sense of style who loves to stand out from the crowd? Do you get excited when you discover beautifully designed jewelry with a distinctive aesthetic and impeccable craftsmanship? Well, you are in the right place! I value originality and believe that jewelry can change the way you feel and present yourself to the world. Jewelry can add just the right finish to your outfit or can be the center of attention. It’s up to you and how you pair it with your signature style. 

I want to share my story with you and how I got started designing jewelry. I was born and raised in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico and was named after the sky and the sea. I’ve always been passionate about art and making things with my hands to express my creativity. My interest in jewelry started about the same time that I became curious to learn more about the world, other cultures and what makes them uniquely them. I embarked on my first adventure when I turned fifteen and traveled through Europe for a month without my parents. My dad warned me that this trip would transform me and expand my point of view as an individual and as an artist. It sure did! To this day, I truly enjoy adventures, experiencing other cultures and I always make it a point to collect unique jewelry pieces during my travels. The jewelry always takes me back to those adventures and I love knowing that no one else will have that artisan one of a kind jewelry piece.

When it was time for me to go to college, I knew that I had to pursue a career that would allow me to be creative everyday, so I move to Florida to study Graphic and Interactive Communication at the Ringling School of Art and Design. After graduating, I worked as a Graphic Designer and had the great opportunity to move to California to work as an Art Director. While getting to know the San Francisco Bay Area, I decided to take a jewelry class in order to explore a new art medium and finally gain the skills necessary to transform my endless jewelry design ideas into real three-dimensional wearable pieces. I fell in love with jewelry making after my first class and continued taking a wide range of classes including beading, enameling and metalsmithing in order to build expertise and hone my craft.

I established my studio in 2014 and launched Cielomar Jewelry as a response to my passion for modern jewelry that is versatile, easy to wear, made with quality materials and impeccable craftsmanship. I enjoy sharing my art with the world and seeing women rocking my designs in their own unique way.

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"Beyond happy with my wrap around leather bracelet!!!  I was so surprised and I feel so special having one of your amazing creations! Thank you so much and keep making the world a little more beautiful."    -Christine

"Cielomar Jewelry makes the perfect, unique gift" -Patricia

"I've given several people Cielomar Jewelry as gifts, it makes for a quality piece that will always be in style!" -Kurt

"My Sisters and Aunts loved their gifts...You made me a hero of the holidays this year!" -Ryan

"I'm lucky to own various pieces of Cielomar Jewelry from different collections including a custom made statement necklace I wanted for a special occasion. Needless to say, I absolutely love her designs and the quality and uniqueness of each piece and how they add the perfect touch to my outfits. From weddings to casual outfits for work, I'm able to play with each piece through different styles and often they have become a point of conversation! I have also shared the love with my closest friends an family, from beautiful earrings from the Geo Collection for my mom to the long bar earrings for my friend's 40th birthday...I've been able to find the perfect gift for the perfect person and the packaging makes it even more special. I love Cielomar as one of my dearest friends and admire her for not only her talent but her passion for beauty and perfection!" -Angela


"I design modern architectural jewelry for confident women who celebrate their individuality every day!"